Napoleon® Cedar Grid Scraper


A natural, safe alternative to metal bristles



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Product Details

Made from Canadian eastern white cedar, the Cedar Grid Scraper is a natural and safe alternative to wire grill brushes. Cedar is naturally mold and insect resistant and this particular grill brush gets better with each use, forming to the unique contours of your iconic WAVE™ cooking grids.


  • A natural, safe alternative to metal bristles
  • Canadian Eastern White Cedar
  • Gets better with use, forming to the shape of your grids
  • Mould and insect resistant



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Unit Dimensions

Length0.75 in (2cm)
Width4.5 in (11cm)
Height22 in (56cm)
Weight0.4 lb (0kg)

Shipping Dimensions

Length22 in (56cm)
Width4.5 in (11cm)
Height0.75 in (2cm)
Weight0.5 lb (0kg)